About Prosperity Foods

In the mid nineties Prosperity Foods started as a local importer of nuts and dried fruit. By 2000 we expanded our commodity based product lines to include Seeds and Cocoa products. Today Prosperity Foods has over 1000 different items in our warehouse purchased direct from source. Whether it is Almonds or Walnuts, Raisins or Prunes, Sesame or Poppy, Cocoa Powder or Chocolate Chips, our selection of Nuts, Dried Fruit, Seeds and Cocoa based products should make us an ideal supplier to you.

Prosperity Foods Ltd. is now an established importer and distributor of food ingredients based in Toronto, Ontario. Our clients can be found in the bakery and confectionary manufacturing sectors. Prosperity Foods also assists food processors, pastry and chocolate manufacturers with their purchasing decisions. Not to be forgotten is our growing reputation as a quality supplier to retail markets. Some of our partnerships include ethnic, bulk and health food stores. Through these partnerships we have entered into private label projects.

As a progressive company, Prosperity Foods has evolved with the changing needs of our clients. In 2006 the completion of our HACCP certification occurred. Prosperity Foods is proud that it maintains a Gold rating and audit scores in the high nineties on an annual basis.

In our 24000 square foot facility we now manufacture pecans, peanuts and a variety of different nut, dried fruit and seed blends. Prosperity Foods are also making customized pack sizes for its food service distribution arm. Our mixed nut blends along with our granolas are an example of how we work with our clients to manufacture to their specifications.

As an importer of bulk and retail products Prosperity Foods Ltd. can surely help you with some of your nut, dried fruit, seeds and chocolate making decisions.

Why do business with Prosperity Foods?


Our staff of dedicated service consultants will assist you with product selection and ensure timely delivery of your orders. We stock all of our products in our own 20000sqft warehouse and deliver orders with our own fleet of vehicles - thus ensuring the maximum control of the entire order-through-delivery process. Not having to rely on 3rd-party companies allows us to ensure our customers are getting the best possible service.

Quality Assurance

As a progressive food importer and distributor Prosperity Foods has successfully implemented a HACCP program, we are HACCP certified. This allows us to do our part in protecting and maintaining the reliability of the food chain. Food Safety is critical from the growers/manufacturers we source product from to our warehouse and yours. A temperature controlled environment insures the integrity of the products we warehouse and distribute is maintained. A floor plan to segregate allergens prevents cross contamination. Using our trucks for deliveries guarantees the absence of any risk. Contact Us to find out more about our quality products. contact details