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Prod Id Product Description   Package Size  
SEE0003 Caraway Seeds   22.68 kg
SEE0004 Caraway Seeds Ground   22.68 kg
SEE0007 Flax Seeds Brown   22.68 kg
SEE0008 Flax Seeds Brown Milled   22.68 kg
SEE0009 Flax Seeds Golden   22.68 kg
SEE0010 Omega-3 Flax 70   25.00 kg
SEE0011 Pepitas Raw   12.50 kg
SEE0012 Pepitas Roasted No Salt   9.07 kg
SEE0013 Pepitas Roasted and Salted   9.07 kg
SEE0016 Pumpkin Seeds In Shell Roasted and Salted   10.00 kg
SEE0014 Poppy Seeds Blue   22.68 kg
SEE0015 Poppy Seeds Australia   22.68 kg
SEE0026 Sesame Seeds Hulled   22.68 kg
SEE0027 Sesame Seeds Natural   22.68 kg
SEE0025 Sesame Seeds Black   22.68 kg
SEE0028 Sunflower Kernels   22.68 kg
SEE0030 Sunflower Kernels Roasted No Salt   11.34 kg
SEE0032 Sunflower Kernels Roasted and Salted   11.34 kg
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