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Prod Id Product Description   Package Size  
ALM0005 Almonds Whole Natural NPS 18/20   22.68 kg
ALM0006 Almonds Whole Natural NPS 20/22   22.68 kg
ALM0007 Almonds Whole Natural NPS 22/24   22.68 kg
ALM0008 Almonds Whole Natural NPS 23/25   22.68 kg
ALM0009 Almonds Whole Natural NPS 25/27   22.68 kg
ALM0010 Almonds Whole Natural NPS 27/30   22.68 kg
ALM0012 Almonds Whole Natural NPS 32/34   22.68 kg
ALM0013 Almonds Whole Natural NPS 36/40   22.68 kg
ALM0015 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 20/22   22.68 kg
ALM0016 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 22/24   22.68 kg
ALM0017 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 23/25   22.68 kg
ALM0018 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 25/27   22.68 kg
ALM0019 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 27/30   22.68 kg
ALM0020 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 30/32   22.68 kg
ALM0022 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 32/34   22.68 kg
ALM0023 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 34/36   22.68 kg
ALM0024 Almonds Whole Natural SSR 34/403   22.68 kg
ALM0034 Almonds In Shell Roasted and Salted   8.16 kg
ALM1001 Almonds Whole Natural Roasted No Salt   12.00 kg
ALM1002 Almonds Whole Natural Roasted and Salted   12.00 kg
ALM0035 Almonds Whole Natural Dry Roasted No Salt   11.34 kg
ALM0036 Almonds Whole Natural Dry Roasted and Salted   11.34 kg
ALM0026 Almonds Blanched Meal   11.34 kg
ALM0028 Almonds Blanched Sliced   11.34 kg
ALM0029 Almonds Blanched Slivered   11.34 kg
ALM0030 Almonds Blanched Whole   11.34 kg
ALM0032 Almonds Natural Meal   11.34 kg
ALM0033 Almonds Natural Sliced   11.34 kg
CAS0007 Cashews Raw W210   22.68 kg
CAS0008 Cashews Raw W320   22.68 kg
CAS0009 Cashews Raw SW240   22.68 kg
CAS0010 Cashews Raw SW320   22.68 kg
CAS0011 Cashews Raw SW360   22.68 kg
CAS0001 Cashews Brazil LW1   22.68 kg
CAS0002 Cashews Brazil W3   22.68 kg
CAS0003 Cashews Raw Large Pieces   22.68 kg
CAS0004 Cashews Raw SP1   22.68 kg
CAS0005 Cashews Raw SSP2   22.68 kg
CAS0006 Cashews Raw S1 - Splits   22.68 kg
CAS1001 Cashews Whole Roasted No Salt   12.00 kg
CAS1002 Cashews Whole Roasted and Salted   12.00 kg
CAS1003 Cashews Pieces Roasted No Salt   12.00 kg
CAS1004 Cashews Pieces Roasted and Salted   12.00 kg
PEA0001 Peanuts Raw Blanched 25/29 - Chinese   25.00 kg
PEA0003 Peanuts Raw Blanched 40/50 - US   25.00 kg
PEA0008 Peanuts Raw Red Skins 24/28 - Chinese   25.00 kg
PEA0009 Peanuts Raw Red Skins 40/50 - US   25.00 kg
PEA0011 Peanuts Raw Red Skins 50/60   25.00 kg
PEA0005 Peanuts R&B Splits   13.61 kg
PEA1001 Peanuts Blanched Roasted No Salt   11.34 kg
PEA1002 Peanuts Blanched Roasted and Salted   11.34 kg
PEA0004 Peanuts Chopped Roasted No Salt   13.61 kg
PEA0012 Peanuts In Shell Roasted No Salt   22.68 kg
PEA0013 Peanuts BBQ   12.00 kg
PEA0014 Peanuts Honey Roasted   12.00 kg
PEA0015 Peanuts Praline   12.00 kg
WAL0001 Walnut Straight Halves   10.00 kg
WAL0002 Walnut Light Halves & Pieces   11.34 kg
WAL0003 Walnut Pieces Bakers   13.60 kg
WAL0005 Walnut Pieces Medium   13.60 kg
WAL0004 Walnut Pieces Small   13.60 kg
WAL0006 Walnut Crumbs   13.60 kg
WAL0009 Walnut Meal   13.60 kg
WAL0010 Walnut In Shell Jumbo   22.68 kg
PEC0002 Pecan Halves Jr Mammoth   13.60 kg
PEC0003 Pecan Halves Toppers   13.60 kg
PEC0005 Pecan Pieces Large   13.60 kg
PEC0004 Pecan Pieces Medium   13.60 kg
PEC0006 Pecan Pieces Small   13.60 kg
PEC0009 Pecan Granules   13.60 kg
PEC0008 Pecan Meal   13.60 kg
PEC0010 Pecan Halves Glazed   12.00 kg
NUT0015 Filberts Blanched Whole   11.34 kg
NUT0009 Filberts Blanched Whole   25.00 kg
NUT0010 Filberts Natural Whole   11.34 kg
NUT0011 Filberts Natural Whole   25.00 kg
NUT0012 Filberts Natural Meal   11.34 kg
NUT0013 Filberts Natural Sliced   11.34 kg
NUT0014 Filberts Chopped Roasted No Salt   11.34 kg
NUT0001 Macadamia Nuts #1 Whole   11.34 kg
NUT0002 Macadamia Nuts #5 Pieces   11.34 kg
NUT0003 Pistachio Kernels Raw - Iranian   10.00 kg
NUT0004 Pistachio Kernels Raw - Californian   11.34 kg
NUT0006 Pistachios In Shell Roasted and Salted   11.34 kg
NUT0007 Pine Nuts   12.50 kg
NUT0008 Brazil Nuts Raw   20.00 kg
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