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Prod Id Product Description   Package Size  
ALM1303 Almonds Blanched Whole   3.00 kg
ALM1305 Almonds Blanched Sliced   3.00 kg
ALM1306 Almonds Blanched Slivered   3.00 kg
ALM1304 Almonds Blanched Meal   3.00 kg
ALM1301 Almonds Natural Whole   3.00 kg
ALM1302 Almonds Natural Sliced   3.00 kg
NUT1301 Brazil Nuts Raw   3.00 kg
CAS1301 Cashews Whole Raw   3.00 kg
CAS1302 Cashews Whole Roasted No Salt   3.00 kg
CAS1303 Cashews Whole Roasted and Salted   3.00 kg
CAS1304 Cashew Pieces Roasted No Salt   3.00 kg
NUT1302 Filberts Blanched Whole   3.00 kg
NUT1303 Filberts Natural Whole   3.00 kg
NUT1305 Filberts Natural Sliced   3.00 kg
NUT1304 Filberts Natural Meal   3.00 kg
NUT1306 Macadamia Nuts Whole   3.00 kg
PEA1301 Peanuts Blanched Roasted No Salt   3.00 kg
PEA1302 Peanuts Blanched Roasted and Salted   3.00 kg
PEA1303 Peanuts Chopped Roasted and Salted   3.00 kg
PEC1301 Pecan Halves Jr. Mammoth   3.00 kg
PEC1302 Pecan Pieces   3.00 kg
PEC1303 Pecan Halves Glazed   3.00 kg
NUT1307 Pine Nuts   3.00 kg
NUT1308 Pistachio Kernels Raw   3.00 kg
NUT1309 Pistachio Nuts In Shell Roasted and Salted   3.00 kg
WAL1301 Walnut Halves & Pieces   3.00 kg
WAL1302 Walnut Pieces   3.00 kg
WAL1303 Walnut Crumbs   3.00 kg
SNA1301 Deluxe Mixed Nuts Roasted No Salt   3.00 kg
SNA1302 Deluxe Mixed Nuts Roasted and Salted   3.00 kg
FRU1301 Apricots Whole   3.00 kg
CRA1301 Cranberries Dried   3.00 kg
FRU1002 Dates Chopped   3.00 kg
FRU1302 Figs Calimyrna   3.00 kg
PRU1301 Prunes Pitted   3.00 kg
TOM1301 Sundried Tomato Halves   3.00 kg
RAI1301 Golden Raisins   3.00 kg
RAI1302 Sultana Raisins   3.00 kg
RAI1303 Thompson Raisins   3.00 kg
CCN1301 Coconut Fancy Shredded   3.00 kg
CCN1303 Coconut Macaroon   3.00 kg
CCN1302 Coconut Sweet Shredded   3.00 kg
SEE1301 Flax Seeds Brown   3.00 kg
SEE1302 Pepitas Raw   3.00 kg
SEE1303 Poppy Seeds   3.00 kg
SEE1304 Sesame Seeds White   3.00 kg
SEE1305 Sunflower Kernels Raw   3.00 kg
SEE1306 Sunflower Kernels Roasted No Salt   3.00 kg
CHI1301 Chocolate Flavoured Chips 4000 Count   3.00 kg
COC1001 Cocoa Powder 10/12   3.00 kg
COC1002 Cocoa Powder 22/24   3.00 kg
CHI1302 Semi- Sweet Chocolate Chips 4000 Count   3.00 kg
CHI1303 Butterscotch Chips   3.00 kg
BAK1301 Sprinkles Chocolate   3.00 kg
BAK1302 Sprinkles Rainbow   3.00 kg
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