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Prod Id Product Description   Package Size  
CAN0003 Gum Balls 4900 Count   9.66 kg
CAN0004 Jelly Beans   15.9 kg
CAN0006 Jolly Ranchers   13.61 kg
CAN0007 Kerr's Fruit Bon Bons   5.00 kg
CAN0008 Licorice Allsorts   10.00 kg
CAN0009 Licorice Babies   10.00 kg
CAN0010 Licorice Bites Black   11.34 kg
CAN0011 Licorice Bites Red Cherry   11.34 kg
CAN0012 Licorice Goodies   13.61 kg
CAN0015 Lollipops   13.61 kg
CAN0002 Scotch Mints   7.00 kg
CAN0001 English Mints   10.00 kg
CAN0017 Turkish Delite   4.54 kg
CAN0020 X'Mas Peppermint Candy Canes   1.00 kg
CAN0018 X'Mas Peppermint Candy Canes Mini   4.00 kg
GUM0002 Gummi Bears   9.07 kg
GUM0005 Gummi Worms   9.07 kg
GUM0004 Gummi Orchard Fruit   7.00 kg
GUM0006 Ju Jubes   10.00 kg
GUM0008 Ju Jubes Sour   10.00 kg
GUM0012 Peach Rings   8.16 kg
GUM0014 Sour Peach Slices   10.00 kg
GUM0013 Sour Cherry Slices   10.00 kg
GUM0015 Sour Keys Small   9.07 kg
GUM0016 Swedish Berries Assorted Flavours   10.00 kg
GUM0017 Swedish Berries Red   10.00 kg
GUM0018 Wine Gums   10.00 kg
COV0001 Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds   12.00 kg
COV0002 Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds   12.00 kg
COV0005 Chocolate Covered Peanuts   12.00 kg
COV0004 Chocolate Covered Raisins   12.00 kg
COV0003 Chocolate Covered Banana Chips   5.00 kg
COV0006 Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans   5.00 kg
COV0007 Bridge Mixture   10.00 kg
COV0008 Yogurt Covered Almonds   12.00 kg
COV0009 Yogurt Covered Peanuts   12.00 kg
COV0010 Yogurt Covered Raisins   12.00 kg
CHO0002 Broken Nut Roll   5.00 kg
CHO0003 Crispy Crunch   5.00 kg
CHO0007 Chocolate Macaroons   10.00 kg
CHO0021 Chocolate Rosebuds   10.00 kg
CHO0008 Hershey Kisses   11.34 kg
CHO0009 Hershey Creamy Milk Chocolate Nuggets   11.34 kg
CHO0010 Hershey Toffee Almond Chocolate Nuggets   11.34 kg
CHO0011 Hershey Oh Henry   10.00 kg
CHO0012 Robin Eggs   9.00 kg
CHO0028 Nestle Smarties   11.34 kg
CHO0030 Reeses Pieces   10.00 kg
SNA1007 Carnival Mix   10.00 kg
SNA1003 Cranberry Snack Mix   10.00 kg
SNA1013 Deluxe Mixed Nuts Roasted No Salt   12.00 kg
SNA1014 Deluxe Mixed Nuts Roasted and Salted   12.00 kg
SNA1008 Energy Mix   10.00 kg
SNA1009 Four Seasons Mix   10.00 kg
SNA1001 Mountain Mix   10.00 kg
SNA1002 Nature's Own Mix   10.00 kg
SNA1004 New Trail Mix   10.00 kg
SNA0007 Road House Mix   11.34 kg
SNA1005 Sierra Mix   10.00 kg
SNA1006 Trail Mix   10.00 kg
SNA0001 Banana Chips   6.35 kg
SNA0008 Oat Bran Sticks   6.80 kg
SNA0010 Oriental Rice Crackers   10.00 kg
SNA0009 Oriental Rice Cracker Mix   10.00 kg
SNA0011 Fried Green Peas   9.07 kg
SNA0013 Wasabi Peas   9.07 kg
SNA0014 Popping Corn   22.68 kg
SNA0003 Toasted Corn Roasted and Salted   11.34 kg
SNA0002 Toasted Corn BBQ   11.34 kg
NUT1001 Soya Nuts Roasted No Salt   9.07 kg
NUT1002 Soya Nuts Roasted and Salted   9.07 kg
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